Pine River Watershed Initiative Network


Tree Seedling Spring Give-away!

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Tree Seedling Spring Give-away!

The Pine River Watershed initiative has bare-root seedlings available for FREE this spring!
The program is available to all residents in Huron-Kinloss Township, and Kincardine Municipalities. If you’re willing to plant new seedlings on your property, we are more than happy to supply them!
All residents are welcome to email or call with their seedling orders by February 15th 2018. Email or Call 519-395-5538 Monday through Thursday between 8:00am-4:30pm. Orders for the seedlings are a minimum of 10 per species, so get together with neighbours and friends to obtain a minimum order! Historically, our supplier has the following species available; white and red pine, white and Norway spruce, tamarack, black walnut, white cedar, sugar maple, silver maple, red maple, red and white oak, hybrid popular, and black cherry.
A pick-up location and date will be communicated to the program’s participants by late April 2018, when the seedlings will arrive from the nursery. If you have a large section of land to re-forest, or a windbreak that you need created around your acreage or waterway, the dedicated volunteer Directors at the PRWIN can arrange to tractor plant the seedlings in late April, or early May 2018.
This popular program is funded this year by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, and the Ontario Power Generation!

Phone: 519-395-5538